• 2022

    • Recently I joined Resume.IO as a Ruby on Rails Engineer
      Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL, AWS
  • 2020

    • I worked on API for video game clubs booking system built with Koa, TypeScript and PostgreSQL. Built from ground up realtime club utilization metrics with InfluxDB, Telegraf and Grafana. I also managed company cloud infrastructure with ansible and engineered state of the art CI/CD pipeline.
      TypeScript, Koa, PostgreSQL, AWS, Gitlab CI, TICK Stack, Grafana, Elastic APM, Ansible
  • 2018

    • Developed several websites with 11:58 Studio. Notable ones:

      Rails, PostgreSQL, Stimulus, HTML/CSS
  • 2017

    • Watch!theSOCIAL is a social networks marketing platform.
      I developed distributed high performance data collector and analyzer for major social networks.
      Utilized Sidekiq and Redis bitwise operations for complex searches.
      Ruby, Redis, Sequel, Trailblazer, Sidekiq, Elastic Stack
  • 2015

    • Geekbrains is a coding school. As a CTO I worked on the website, integrated dozen of different services - payment systems, SMS service, mailing lists, cloud storages, etc. Managed a small team of inhouse and outsource programmers.
      Ruby on Rails, MySQL, AWS
    • I worked on online bus tickets reservation platform, integrated some services like Infobip, QIWI and PayPal.
      Rails, PostgreSQL, Google Cloud, ElasticSearch
  • 2014

    • Within a small team I developed from scratch customizeable editorial system based on Rails engines and dependency injection technics.
      Rails, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
  • 2013

    • SolverClub
      Developed a feedback analysis system for a tourism project. Scraped and parsed huge amounts of data using EventMachine.
      Rails, EventMachine, PostgreSQL, VoltDB, ElasticSearch
  • 2012

    • IvoryInteractive
      I designed and developed digital signage system for information terminals at bus stops. Engineered kiosk installation, ad synchronization, monitoring processes through poor GPRS connection. Made terminal screen analysis system to mitigate hack attempts and bunch of other cool stuff.
      Rails, JavaScript, Bash
  • pre

    • Various projects
      I also worked as a Web developer on various projects: E-commerce, IP-PBX Phone System, Software company, Web studio
      Ruby, PHP, HTML/CSS, PostgreSQL, MySQL